All contact lens wear carries a certain amount of risk and associated complications. However, complications can be minimized with proper care and good compliance. Parents are advised to understand the potential risks and their responsibilities before they consider ortho-k for their children. 

Common complications include (not exhaustive):

  • Mild binding of the lens to the cornea on awakening which should dislodge easily on blinking. (Never forcefully remove a lens on the eye. You should be taught how to dislodge a bound lens safely and easily by your practitioner).
  • Solution allergy
  • Fluctuation of vision on certain days after myopia reduction (this could happen if your lenses did not centre properly when you wore them the night before)
  • Mild corneal staining (mild abrasion which can be caused by improper lens insertion, dust or foreign particles under the lens, improperly cleaned lens etc.) Non-compliance or poor compliance can result in significant corneal abrasion, red eye and discomfort. Corneal ulceration may result if the condition is not detected earlier or if left untreated. It is therefore important to attend regular aftercare consultation.

Complications will be minimized if you follow your practitioner’s instructions properly.