The prize winner Ms Tsui-Tsui Lee attended the 9th ACCLC.

I am much honored to receive the sponsorship from Johnson & Johnson (Hong Kong) to attend the 9th ACCLC. 
It was an enjoyable experience for me to attend an international conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 
Being the first time in Taiwan, the ACCLC was held successfully. As an overseas attendant, I was surprised 
by the active participation of local practitioners and industry. There were many updates on the contact lens products. 
My trip to Taiwan was very fruitful.

Optometry in Taiwan at present was alike Hong Kong before the optometry regulations were established. 
The profession is facing many challenges during its early stage of development. However, because of this,
optometry in Taiwan is of a high plasticity. We are looking forward to seeing great advancement of optometry in Taiwan.

Tsui-Tsui Lee
June 2014